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This page collects the statistics of a player for World of Tanks Console (PlayStation and XBOX).

The data is collected via the Wargaming API and stored in a database, which is then used to calculate all statistical evaluations, such as WN8, Win Rate, etc..

This page does not capture the data in real time!
The data will only be updated when the player page is opened. Also the forum banner is not updated automatically! This must be done manually, by clicking the Create Banner button.
In order to increase the performance of the entire website, a cooldown time of 2 minutes was introduced.

About the statistics

WN8 is a statistic that shows how good a player is in a particular tank compared to other players on the same tank. The complete calculation method is boring, but is considered to be consistent with the victory rate of a particular player.

These values are divided into ratings, and each rating has a color and a name as described below:

WN8 & Co. Ratings Explanation of colours
Color Scale
This is a reference chart for all colors codes found on the ratings.
Win rate WN8 Rating Battles Color Keys Percentile
Under 46%Under 300Under 1000Very Bad99.99%
46%300 to 4491000 to 2999Bad99.90%
47%450 to 6493000 to 6999Below Average99.00%
48% to 49%650 to 8997000 to 9999Average95.00%
50% to 51%900 to 119910000 to 12999Above Average82.00%
52% to 53%1200 to 159913000 to 16999Good63.00%
54% to 55%1600 to 199917000 to 20999Very Good40.00%
56% to 59%2000 to 244921000 to 24999Great20.00%
60% to 64%2450 to 289925000 to 29999Unicum6.00%
65 +2900 +30000 +Super Unicum0.00%
Color Scale (Part 2)
This is a reference chart for all colors codes found on the ratings.
Hit ratio Personal rating Damage Color Keys Percentile
Under 40%Under 1500Under 300Very Bad99.99%
40% to 44%1500 to 1999300 to 599Bad99.90%
45% to 49%2000 to 2999600 to 899Below Average99.00%
50% to 54%3000 to 3999900 to 1199Average95.00%
55% to 59%4000 to 49991200 to 1499Above Average82.00%
60% to 64%5000 to 64991500 to 1799Good63.00%
65% to 69%6500 to 84991800 to 2099Very Good40.00%
70% to 74%8500 to 89992100 to 2399Great20.00%
75% to 79%9000 to 98992400 to 2699Unicum6.00%
80 +9900 +2700 +Super Unicum0.00%

Deviations at WN8
(one attempt at explanation)

I am often asked why the website X has a different WN8 value, like on wotcstat.info.
This is in the nature of things, as the WN8 is calculated. Since we have exclusive Premium and Mercenaries tanks, these cannot appear in the PC-WN8 values.

We then proceed as follows:
  • Search the tank at PC-Expected Values
    • Use the replacement table
    • Use WN8-PC averages
Thus, for example, all Mercenaries tanks are calculated by using a WN8 mean value table.
If you now read the text for the WN8 calculation at page X more closely, you will find out that it actually calculates its own WN8c value for these cases. They throw therefore arbitrarily the PC and consoles values in disorder.
Conclusion: The values of the pages always differ in the area of the console tanks and can therefore not coincide!

What is the WN8c?

Everyone knows the WN8. Why do we come up with a WN8c for the console now?
This WN8 value should reflect the differences between the PC version of WoT and the console version.
The WN8 is not an invention of wargaming, but of the community, because the WG rating does not give enough information about the player's abilities from the player's point of view.
For this the players and their tanks are evaluated daily by an independent site..
However, many console players do not find the comparison between PC and console accurate, as the tanks - especially premium tanks, console exclusive tanks and Mercenaris tanks - are not included in the WN8 table.
Here the programmers, who offer a console evaluation, carry out a replacement with PC-near tanks.
For example the Tiger I Hammer is equated with the normal Tiger I. So already with the normal WN8 value enormous deviations come about.
In 2017 a developer from the USA started a project in which he generated a WN8 table just for the console. Over 100,000 different console players were evaluated for this.Today we calculate these WN8c once a month ourselves. All players in our database (over 80,000) are used for this purpose. The calculation is carried out exactly according to the conditions which the original developers of the WN8 have provided.
Since the development is not finished yet and the community is rather skeptical at the moment, we will offer both values on this page. So everybody can get an idea about his game and his tanks.
If the community agrees with the development, maybe there will be only one WN8 in the future, the one for the console.

Replacement table for WN8 Console/PC WN8 values PC / Console

Suspicious data

This page is the endpoint of a chain of information that ranges from the servers of Wargaming to the Web API servers of Wargaming to our data collectors. If data corruption, delays or inconsistencies occur at any time, the information on this website will be affected.

We try to identify suspicious data by filtering out outliers in each player's current WN8. Usually the problem solves itself in a few days.

A thousand fights in two and a half hours?

So how can it be that the number of battles is so high?
All statistics sites receive data via the Wargaming API. This will only return the exact view of your account at the time of requesting the data.
We store this snapshot in our database and calculate all things (#Battles, WNx, WR, etc.) based on the stored data.
I.e.: You played 4 games in the Leopard, on January 20th the WG-API returns 204 games (because WG adds up all data).
If you have visited the site before, we know that we have to calculate: 204-200 = 4!
If you're playing a tank that we've never seen before (with more than one game), we have some problems.
For example, we will see 204 games on January 20th. We don't have any older data to calculate...
This increases your number of battles to 200 games (for day, week and month).
This is system-dependent and cannot be changed. Normally there is a hint (these tanks are also marked red) when this happens.


This site could not exist without the support of Cpt MaDnezZ, thank you very much!

This site could not exist without Wargaming providing player data in public APIs. Thank you.

The name Word of Tanks and its associated names and images are trademarks of Wargaming. The XBOX name, associated names and images are trademarks of Microsoft. The PlayStation name, associated names and images are trademarks of Sony.

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