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# WN8 Day Battles Type Name
You must play at least five games to be included in the list. Based on our Player-Data.
Color Scale
This is a reference chart for all colors codes found on the ratings.
Win rate WN8 Rating Battles Color Keys Percentile
Under 46%Under 300Under 1000Very Bad99.99%
46%300 to 4491000 to 2999Bad99.90%
47%450 to 6493000 to 6999Below Average99.00%
48% to 49%650 to 8997000 to 9999Average95.00%
50% to 51%900 to 119910000 to 12999Above Average82.00%
52% to 53%1200 to 159913000 to 16999Good63.00%
54% to 55%1600 to 199917000 to 20999Very Good40.00%
56% to 59%2000 to 244921000 to 24999Great20.00%
60% to 64%2450 to 289925000 to 29999Unicum6.00%
65 +2900 +30000 +Super Unicum0.00%
Color Scale (Part 2)
This is a reference chart for all colors codes found on the ratings.
Hit ratio Personal rating Damage Color Keys Percentile
Under 40%Under 1500Under 300Very Bad99.99%
40% to 44%1500 to 1999300 to 599Bad99.90%
45% to 49%2000 to 2999600 to 899Below Average99.00%
50% to 54%3000 to 3999900 to 1199Average95.00%
55% to 59%4000 to 49991200 to 1499Above Average82.00%
60% to 64%5000 to 64991500 to 1799Good63.00%
65% to 69%6500 to 84991800 to 2099Very Good40.00%
70% to 74%8500 to 89992100 to 2399Great20.00%
75% to 79%9000 to 98992400 to 2699Unicum6.00%
80 +9900 +2700 +Super Unicum0.00%

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